What lies before us and what lies behind us, are but small matters compared to what lies within us.
And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

Henry David Thoreau


Coaching, the way I do it, is all about YOU: where are you at? where are you coming from? what’s been your path? what have you tried already, and what of that worked for you, what didn’t?

It’s about where you want to be at, what goal you want to claim, what aim you want to reach. And why.
What are your motivations to get there? What’s moving you towards it? or maybe: what are you moving away from? It’s also about the hidden reasons why you, so far, couldn’t get there, no matter what you tried. And to overcome that.
It is about what you want to have (back) in your life. What it is, that is missing and how to get it in a way, that’s individually tailored to your needs and structure.

It can be about things on the outside, people in your life, circumstances, your career, goals, wishes, dreams. Or things on the inside: behavioral patterns, belief systems, emotional trauma or the longing to get in touch with your core – your essence.

Not easy, but great fun

Is this process going to be easy? No. Is it going to be fun? Definitely! How does that go together?
This is how: we’re going to dig deep. We’re going to uncover parts and truths about you that were hidden in dark corners or crammed away behind shut doors.
Those doors don’t always open easily and what’s coming out isn’t always pretty or comfortable. But it’s you. It’s all the parts that so far were missing.
It’s a lot more YOU than you have probably ever been aware of, felt, owned. And that’s why it’s fun. Superior fun, actually: because no matter what it looks like, how crumbled, torn, dusty or ragged it might be (and don’t get me wrong – it very often won’t even be like that), it’s you. YOU.
Beyond facades. Beyond empty shells, beyond shallow patterns, beyond constrictions and false beliefs that tried to tell you who you should be. It’s the real you. And it will grow. The more unknown parts of you we dig up and integrate, the fuller, brighter and more radiant your YOU will become. And it ain’t going nowhere. Once it’s out and you start owning it, it’s not going to fade again. And it can only taken away from you again with your consent. If you trade it in for something that you consider more valuable than being yourself. There’s not going to be many circumstances where this is even an option.
It is about changing your life and the parts it consists of, until they match who you really are.

When you’re in a coaching session with me, it’s always about you: becoming aware of how things are interrelated in your inner and outer worlds. About illuminating formerly unknown corners inside of you. About unfolding and stepping into your light.
Gaining a clarity that can’t be undone.

How I work

I am always aiming at getting you in touch with your core essence so deeply, that you start radiating again – from without and within.

Common topics of my coaching clients

What are typical issues and problems my clients consult me with? Does your problem even fit within the range I work in?
Here are some of the examples my clients want to work on and are seeking to change and grow into

Am Abgrund stehen kann das Ende bedeuten. Oder ein Anfang sein für etwas ganz Neues. Und manchmal ist es der beste Ort um in sein Licht zu kommen.

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